Girls' Interests

Are you a Barbie fanatic? Then you're sure to enjoy the games and other activities that can be found at her official website.

Polly Pocket
Make a cake with Polly and Shani, or play one of 40 other fun games. There are over 20 Polly Pocket videos that you can watch, along with hidden items that you can find around the site, to put in Polly and her friend's scrapbook.

Women of NASA
Created to encourage girls to pursue careers in science, math, engineering and technology, this website includes a collection of 32 videos and essays from women who contribute to NASA's ongoing mission. You'll find stories of women who've overcome a variety of obstacles, in order to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world.

A World for Girls
From the Girl Scouts, this website provides age-appropriate content for girls of all ages. Whether you're 5 to 9 years old, 10 to 12, or in your teens, you'll find an assortment of games, videos, activities and quizzes, designed just for you. A section for adults is also included.

BBC CBeebies Games
CBeebies presents you with a virtual "A to Z" selection of games, as you choose your favorite show characters to play with, from Alphablocks to ZingZillas. Other activities like Song Time, Make & Color, and Story Time provide visitors with a lot of activity options to explore

Bob the Builder
Join Bob the Builder for a variety of games aimed primarily for younger audiences.

Satisfy your sweet tooth by playing a game or two from the collection of over 250 available at Candystand. Game categories cover sports, arcade, racing, puzzle, card games, and more. Just remember to brush well, after playing.

Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network has an incredible selection of over 250 games for you to play. Many of the games feature Cartoon Network characters, like Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dexter, and The Powerpuff Girls.

Disney Junior Games
Play games in categories such as Action, Counting & Math, Music, or simply choose a game by selecting from among one of many of your favorite Disney characters.

Jokes By Kids
Laugh along with thousands of jokes submitted by kids from around the world, or send Jokes By Kids one of your favorites! All jokes are clean and kid-friendly, edited for appropriateness, and categorized into a wide variety of topics.

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