Curse of T. Rex
A look at the insects, plants, and animals that coexisted with dinosaurs during the Mesozoic age, how fossilization occurs, and where the best spots to dig for fossils are.

Are birds related to dinosaurs? How fast could dinosaurs run? What caused them to become extinct? Get the latest buzz on current dinosaur research topics like these and more.

Dinosaur Eggs Museum
Learn about mother dinosaurs and their babies, view models of hatchlings, and more at this National Geographic web site.

Dinosaur Galleries
Includes skeletal photographs and interesting stories from the field detailing the finding of dinosaur skeletons.

Designs for easy-to-make paper dinosaurs (all you need is scissors and glue) that you can download and print out on your printer.

Meet the Dinosaurs
Cute site from Mrs. Shaul's 1st grade class with information on dinosaurs with illustrations by her students.

Prehistoric Life
Solve the mystery of the Baryonyx, learn about sea monsters, discover the truth behind killer dinosaurs, at this incredible site.

Prehistoric World
Read about a bizarre one-fingered dinosaur, view dinosaur photos, videos, a prehistoric time line, and more.

What is a Dinosaur?
This site includes illustrations and facts about dinosaurs, myths, and the extreme characteristics some possess.

Zoom Dinosaurs
Learn all about dinosaurs at this comprehensive site filled with information, activities, and riddles.


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